Mobile Texting

Mobile Text Service
Ride the text boom right into the future of online consumer marketing.

Business mobile SMS/MMS marketing is here to stay - get started now using cutting edge technologies! SMPP servers, smartcodes, QR codes, barcodes, polling, trivia, text-to-screen, reporting, extensive tools to create text SMS and MMS picture-based text campaigns and more. Engage your customers like never before and maintain contact year-round.
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E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing Service
The true cornerstone of any online e-marketing campaign.

E-mail has been responsible for fueling online marketing since the days of banner ad-only advertising. With our wide array of templates, automated send features, easy landing page creation tools and ease of use you can start electronic blasting your current offers in no time. Now it's more than just texting; it's one-push access to many online marketing channels.
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Voice Broadcast

Voice Broadcast Service
Create that personal touch with a message from the heart.

Connect with customers like never before and use voice broadcasts to create high action campaigns. You send them and your customers and prospects hear a human not a computer. Our system offers full recording features and a host of many ancillary features for you to get the best out of your voice broadcast efforts. A personal touch has a very powerful impact.
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Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger Service
Online instant messaging services can be quite useful.

When you're in need of engaging customers with a certain sense of immediacy, instant messenger is a great choice. With loads of features to help you create organic feeling campaigns, customers and prospects will take notice. If you have IM contacts you can utilize this channel as well. It's becoming a bit of a lost art form, but for now this medium is an excellent choice to fill out any solid online marketing campaign.
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Social Media

Facebook and Twitter Social Media Services
Everything is social these days and businesses must get involved.

Leveraging all you have at your fingertips to save a buck is a great way to grow any business without breaking the bank - takes it to another level. Automate releases timed with sms and e-mail campaigns to engage all contacts at once. Enjoy easy to use features for creating Facebook and Twitter posts, plus publish new tabs with or without data collection fields.
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White Glove Turnkey White Glove Turnkey Services
With personal support and top-notch creative at your finger tips...

All of our clients have an opportunity to look more professional than ever before. With our help any client can be fully designed and up and running in 48 working hours. Not all clients are enabled to design and code their own campaigns - we're here to help! Rely on our expertise to get you through... Lean on us for help with all aspects of your multichannel marketing campaign. We'll help you get the results you're looking for.
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Service Highlight

Timed Campaign Automation
Service Hightlight

Sometimes we simply don't have the time to wait for the right time to push the send button - has the solutions for you. Our cutting edge system features for campaign automation like: auto-responders, scheduling, auto-list management, reminders and more. Our service will help you reach out to customers and provide avenues to new contacts and increased sales. By simply reaching out to your customers more often - without overdoing it - you can grow your business now.
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Interesting Fact

Cost per contact: Email vs. SMS vs. Direct Mail - June 2013

(Note: $0.03/email, $0.08/sms, $0.81/direct mail ($0.46/first class stamp + $0.35/6"x9" print). Comparison as of June 2013.)


Using a single system to send my online marketing blasts to multiple channels really opened my mind up to the many possible ways to use such powerful features. ”

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